Outplacement Coaching

Dealing with redundancy can be very challenging in current economic environment, specially when you have people depending on you, when you have spent long time working for the company that made you redundant, when you have not had to face the job search for a while. Often, the feelings of humiliation and quilt shade the ability to look for solutions and see the opportunities. All this uncertainty about the future and mixed feelings about your capabilities can be hard to deal with on your own.

You are either a caring employee who is looking to help the valued people, whose services you no longer need or you are the valued person, whose professional input in the company you worked for, is no longer needed. We are here to support your way forward.

What does outplacement coaching do? 

We help people to be aware of their real value, to be confident and to realize all the choices they have in life.

One-on-one outplacement coaching includes:  

  • neutral analysis of the situation, mapping the roles and responsibilities in the situation
  • assessment of skills and experience
  • values assessment and inventory
  • confidence building exercises
  • opening new choices
  • guidance in career development
  • guidance and state building for interviews, presentations and networking
  • personal breakthrough session on career and professional achievement

Group workshops for staff facing redundancy on: 

      • confidence building
      • smart goal setting and decision making, tools for achieving the goals
      • strategic career planning
      • interview and presentation skills

Personal benefits from outplacement coaching: 

  • you feel confident in going forward with your career planning
  • you are fully aware of your skills and value and what benefits you can create for the potential employees or clients
  • you feel valuable and encouraged to face the challenges in life
  • you see more options opening for you
  • you are able to present yourself successfully for new employees
  • you know how to set smart goals and achieve them

Corporate benefits from outplacement coaching: 

  • provide genuine help to former employees in facing the tough job market
  • create a positive image of a caring company
  • less disputes and legal conflicts
  • free up HR department
  • maintain morale of remaining employees who see that their former colleagues are well-treated
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