Corporate Wealth Coaching

What business are you really in? What is an enterprise? Who makes the enterprise successful?

In business schools they teach creating business plans and mission statements, usually the business plans include the list of values for the company. Most of the companies have goals and targets that they want to achieve and there are annual brain storming and planning events to freshen up the goals and targets for the following year.

What is it that stops the companies to achieve their goals?

The thing about goals is that whoever is responsible for achievement of the goal, has to believe that it is possible, that they are capable of achieving it and that they do deserve to achieve it. Often the goals are set first by shareholders, then specified by advisory board, then specified and restated by the management and once they get to the employees, the employees do not own the goals, which means they will not give their best to achieve them.

Corporate Wealth Coaching supports companies in setting the goals in a way that the employees whose input is crucial to the goal, own the goal: they believe the goal is possible, they know they are capable of achieving it and they know they deserve to achieve it. Corporate Wealth Coaching supports the employees to be the best they can be in their role.

The Corporate Wealth Coaching:

  • helps companies to realize what are the bottlenecks in achieving their goals
  • helps companies state the goals in a way that makes the goals understandable and achievable to the employees of the company
  • works one on one with key personnel to achieve the professional breakthroughs for them to be the best they can in the organization
  • helps companies to boost their sales
  • provides on site seminars for management, middle management, sales teams, communication teams to create the environment of profitability and success
  • supports the companies in their journey to excellence.

Contact me to arrange a meeting for consultation of how specifically can I support your company in taking the huge step forward in achieving the goals now.