Live your life YOUR way!

If you do not know where you want to go then it does not matter, which road you are taking. But if you feel like you have been going and going but you are not happy where you have arrived then now is the time to stop and reevaluate, where you really want to end up.

If you are not living your life according to your plan then you are living it according to somebody else’s plan. Many people are living their whole life waiting for something wonderful to happen – waiting for better job, waiting for more money, waiting for nicer body, waiting for beautiful relationship, waiting for people to notice them. Their life always starts tomorrow …

I know you want your life to be wonderful today and every day. Start living your life now. Write down, what are the outcomes you are after and do it SMART!

You should have goals in 6 areas of your life:

  • Family and home
  • Finance and career
  • Physical and health
  • Spiritual and ethical

Make sure your goals are:


S (specific) – what specifically do you want, where do you want it, who do you want it with, what resources do you need for that, when do you want it.

M(measurable) – how will you know that you have achieved it.

A(attainable) – the more you focus on achieving the goal, the more attainable it gets, you will find the resources in yourself.

R(realistic) – realistic does not mean easy, there should always be challenge that would keep you motivated. Having a goal that is too high will make you give up soon, having a goal that is too easy will have you unmotivated.

T(timely, tangible) – there should always be a specific timeframe for the goal to avoid lacking urgency and becoming lazy. Tangible means you can sense it with one of your senses: see, hear, feel, smell, taste.

 2. It is very important to have all your goals stated in the positive way and in the present.

With our words we give power to our goals and if we say something in a negative way we set a code of escaping, moving away from something, into our minds and if we move away from something then we might concentrate too much on the things we want to avoid and not on the things we want to get. It is much better to move towards something!

Also, it is important to state the goals in a present and as if we already had them. This is another way of setting our minds into the right mode. Our minds are very simple, if we say that our goal is to get rich then we might stay in the getting mode and never reach the being mode.


Instead of saying: “I want to loose weight

Say: “I have a perfect body. On my holiday to Thailand in november I am proudly walking on the beach in my brand new bikinis.”

Instead of saying: “I want to get out of debt

Say: “I have enough money all the time, I know how to make money. I have more money than I need, I can do lot of good with my money

Instead of saying: “I want to find a perfect husband

Say: ” I am married to a wonderful man, who is sensitive, confident, loving and fair.

3. Make sure your goals are ecological

All the goals need to be compliant to the goals in other areas of our life. For example if you aim to earn £ 50,000, you can not have a £ 500,000 house.

4. Be profound in every detail

When describing the outcome you are after, be specific. Think of all the aspects about the outcome that are important to you. The more detail we think about, the easier it will be to achieve the goal. This is another way of coding our mind into having what we really want.

Describe the associations you have about the outcome – visualize it, attach some sounds to the outcome, describe how having the outcome makes you feel.

5. Write your goals down

One thing is to dream, have random and often unstructured flashes of the life we want to have and totally another thing is to write it down in handwriting. Writing your goals down gives your thoughts power, gives them structure. Our mind starts to embrace the outcome and our unconscious will support achieving it.


Now that you have written down the outcome you want to achieve, you must start living it. But sometimes it is not enough. Sometimes you know what you want and you even know how to get there, but it is still not happening for you.

There is another crucial part of living your life on your terms and this is evaluating your beliefs and values. Our beliefs and values are the codes that are sitting deep in our mind and are leading our lives to the direction we unconsciously believe we want to go. It is extremely important to be honest and audit all the beliefs and values you have about the outcome and change them if necessary.


Believe in yourself! You can do it! You have all the resources you need!


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