Laire Piik

I am a wealth creator, to myself and others. I believe that every service and product should be created with a goal of adding value to the client and the profits will be mutual. I believe that every relationship should add value to other person’s life and happiness will be mutual.

I have studied business administration and hold Msci degree in Consultations and Organizational Management. I am a mother of two wonderful girls and a wife to the best ever husband. I have worked in investment banking industry for 17 years, last 12 of them by being an independent Personal Wealth Manager.

I have had it all: unhealthy relationships, career decisions for the wrong reasons, paying credit card loans with credit cards, coming up with stupid reasons why not to do the stuff employer expects you to do, following somebody else’s dream, wishing to have nicer body etc. etc.

It is not about who we were, it is about who we are and who we want to be. We are always more than we have ever been, we are always more than we are right now and we are always more we will ever be. When we continue doing what we have always been doing, we will get exactly what we have always been getting. It is important to realize that we are the masters of our destiny and if we don’t live our life on our terms then we are living it on somebody else’s terms. We all can change, in fact we all do change even if we don’t want to. Lead your change and start doing it now!























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